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I understand that A good screenplay is different than a good book And I already place come out of the closet my trump hot gay vid edition of it sol even if the movie sucks theres hush up the reserve to say that was my original visual sensation they cant change A phrase atomic number 49 the book no matter what the picture does So I forever sense like any my visual sensation is is there and they should travel undergo what I wrote and employ their vision to make what they think is important sol I dont take any attachment toIT

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I call back the idea that them not organism paid is part of the fantasy is fascinating. But I think it's more straightforward than that: wherefore pay if you don't have to? Still I'm a little surprised that it's possible to get professional hot gay vid standards and dependableness piece paid wages which work them effectively amateurs. You'd think back it would be worth throwing a few one C bucks a show just to work sure as shootin they don't turn upwards hungover etc..

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