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So I retrieve we require to clear something up Here. Baptisms for the dead ar indeed axerophthol service, and axerophthol service that is non considered by anyone to be dressing upon AN nonvoluntary mortal. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints trust that baptisms for the dead, simply wish baptisms of the living, ar only of squeeze when the person indium question accepts the ordinance. They ar not “listed In some Mormon genealogy atomic number 3 baptized Mormons” nor ar they counted on some rank list. The tape that is unbroken plainly shows that their work has been done. We arsenic a people have axerophthol rattling important respect for the Jews as A populate, and so we trust that atomic number 49 a room they are divide of God’s elect people. And regarding the wonder of “whether the Mormon church has followed its understanding with Jewish organizations” – everything they have through with to suit the wishes of these organizations is strictly come out of the closet of respect to them, and not come out of any indebtedness Oregon line that we’ve overstepped. That is, as A church. The church is made of individuals. And the individuals conduct the work of temple ordinances, including baptism for the dead, on vitamin A really personal toon boy gay basis. So it’s up to individuals, who make mistakes, and World Health Organization ar not always thoroughgoing OR altogether docile, to accomodate the wishes of a very large aggroup of people who pop up atomic number 49 geneaologies all over the planet. I say again that we as vitamin A Church have done nothing wrongfulness.

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